This is Endris. You are a Dalon. Endris is in anarchy.

The Collaborate has collapsed leaving Endris in anarchy. Beings of Endris must now rule and fend for themselves until order is again re-established. The Dalon were the beings with the most influence in the Collaborate. They were considered the best mediators and leaders of the lands, that is until, quite unexpectedly, a war broke out among the Dalon of the Collaborate during a routine gathering of Crests in the Hub. The battle was powerful and most Crests were killed, including most Dalon. Few citizens of the city of Voss, where the Collaborate Hub resides and where the war took place, escaped with their lives.

In the remote Miste Valley, unaware of the recent anarchy, you have finally completed your Dal training after years of hard work. You are now a Dalon – a being with limitless powers and skills. You are a being to be respected. On this day, a message has arrived and, to your surprise, the Collaborate have disbanded. There is no longer any law or structure in Endris – no rules. The message indicates that most of the Dalon have been killed and that any surviving Dalon have gone in hiding.

The Collapse of the Collaborate